lasplashLightweight Beach Furniture

LaFuma have been outdoor specialists since 1930! Using sustainable practices, they create durable, stylish outdoor furniture and lightweight, packable sleeping bags. Lafuma’s outdoor furniture comes in a variety of styles and colors to suit your every need; perfect for the beach, camping, the poolside and everyday usage.


 Low Folding Sand Chair Seigel



Low Folding Sand Chair Arctic



 Low Folding Sand Chair Ocean



 Balcony Folding Chair Terre




 Balcony Folding Chair Moss


Balcony Folding Chair Graphite



Balcony Folding Chair Arctic


Maxi Transat (Sling) Chair Arctic



Maxi Transat (Sling) Chair Graphite



 Maxi Transat (Sling) Chair Moss



 Maxi Transat (Sling) Chair Menthol



 Futura Lounge Chair Graphite



 Futura Lounge Chair Arctic



 Futura Lounge Chair Moss



 Evolution Recliner Chair Obsidian