The Fate of City Peoples Garden Store

Update December 2021

In 2016, the land we sit on was sold to developers, but since plans for that multi-use edifice are stalled, we have been able to remain in place. We unofficially have a lease agreement through 2022. We will stay as long as the delay of the development allows and as long as the building stands.

In the meantime, we are trying to maintain the building as best we can. We have added a Portable Toilet to our parking area as the old pipes in the store are needing to be replaced. We are also scouting new sites.


You Can Help Us – Intel & Reviews!

Please e-mail us if you know of any sites in Seattle within 5 miles of our current location with outdoor space and indoor retail space. The site must also be at least 3 miles from City People’s Mercantile on Sand Point Way. 

We love reviews and encourage posting on Google Reviews and also on Yelp. It helps let people know we are still humming along.  

Thanks everyone!!
— Alison Greene, owner