Still Open for Business!

Note from Alison and Jose, August 2017

We have been so delighted to see old and new customers back at City People’s Garden Store! We have had a wonderful year so far.

Many of you followed our dramatic liquidation at the end of 2016 and subsequent re-opening in February 2017. We had been fortunate to secure an 11-month lease with the developers through the end of the year, and now we are exercising our option to extend that lease!

As it stands now, we are operating at the original 2939 East Madison Street site through June 2018. We signed a lease with the developers to remain here while they continue to rework their design and development of the site.

In the meantime we are actively looking to find a site to relocate in the central/south Seattle area by the time our lease is up.

Indoor spaces are plenty, but finding appropriate outdoor space for a nursery is challenging. We are looking at sites from 15,000 25,000 sq. ft. In general, the site would be 1/3 indoor to 2/3 outdoor, with load zones for truck deliveries, water service, and parking. We remain hopeful that something will work for us. Please contact us if you have any leads!



Thanks everyone!!

Alison Greene & Jose Gonzales



The Backstory:

City People’s Garden Store was in operation since 1988. In 2016, the property was sold to developers who were set to break ground in 2017. The store prepared for closure. But the development was stalled and two employees, Alison Greene and Jose Gonzales decided to buy the business and were able to lease the space from the developers.

Alison and Jose are the new owners, but aren’t really “new”! Jose has been working at the Garden Store since 1998 as the Annuals Buyer, and Alison started in 2003 and became a Manager and Tree & Shrub Buyer. They understand the cycle of the business and daily operations and know many of our customers personally. Many of the employees have remained on as well and we continued our relationship with our fantastic vendors who supply us with the same quality plants and goods.


From Alison & Jose: We are thrilled and humbled by this project we are taking on. We strongly feel we wouldn’t have gotten this far without your support and love, as well as the amazing confidence of our co-workers.

Having the community rooting for us throughout 2016 was a great motivator. We love what we do here at City People’s Garden Store, and we care very deeply about how we operate: natural and organic, an emphasis on nurturing and growing, open communication and respect, and a true joy of plants that we share with you.

Thank you for being the BEST CUSTOMERS a business could ask for. We can’t wait to see you this season!