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City People’s Garden Store offers free workshops for the community throughout the year. Topics range from edible gardening to pruning to designing holiday containers. Workshops are held in the Garden Store.

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2020 Line Up

We will schedule classes as long as we have a site to hold them! Please e-mail us if you plan to attend one of our workshops. Dates below may change.

Choosing and Caring for Houseplants

Saturday, January 18th, 11 am – noon
Green up your indoor spaces! Houseplants reduce toxins in the air and they can soothe the soul. In this class, Anneke Wilder will talk about considerations when picking out your leafy roommates and how to take care of them, including light and water requirements. Learn which plants require special attention versus those that are very low maintenance. Find the plant or plants just right for you.

Bats: Bug Eaters Extraordinaire!

Saturday, January 25th, 11 am – noon
Did you know bats save farmers billions of dollars every year? The bats of Washington love eating those pesky mosquitoes and night-flying insects. Come learn how you can help bats survive, and find out about the worldwide diversity of the only flying mammals. Michelle Noe, president of Bats Northwest, has been educating about bats for 15 years and would love to answer all your batty questions.

Mason Bees: How to Attract and Care for Them

Saturday, February 1st, 11 am – noon
Pollinating bees are declining rapidly, and help is needed to reverse this trend. Jim Ullrich of Knox Cellars will be by to talk about this native, early pollinator. He will go over the plants that will attract these gentle bees as well as how to install and care for your own Mason Bee nesting homes. Jim is passionate about the orchard Mason Bee and has been working to bring them to backyards for 27 years.

Winter Pruning

Saturday, February 8th, 11 am – noon
February is the ideal time to prune many of your woody shrubs and trees. Garden Coach Susan Papanikolas will teach you pruning techniques, and she will go over how to think about when to prune for what affect. You can control somewhat the growth and shape of your plants with careful and judicious pruning.

Houseplants: Repotting, Pruning & Propagating

Sunday, February 16th, 11 am – noon
Get deeper houseplant knowledge in this class with our former houseplant buyer Anneke Wilder. You’ll learn techniques and important tips on when and how to repot your plants. Learn also how to take cuttings and start new plants from pruned parts. Bring your houseplant concerns. Anneke will teach you the language of houseplants so you can turn your home into a healthy, thriving urban jungle.

Rose Care: Winter Work for Spring Wow

Saturday, February 22nd, 11 am – noon
If you give your roses some care this time of year, you will be greatly rewarded with lots of blooms throughout the summer. Jose Gonzales, co-owner of City People’s Garden Store, gets pretty jazzed about roses and how a little care can go a long, long way. Learn about both pruning, feeding, and caring for both new and established roses.

Preparing Your Edible Garden

Sunday, February 23rd, 11 am – noon
The sunshine will return, and with it all your hopes for eating food you grow yourself! In this class John Coghlan of HomeGrown Organics will provide helpful tips and guidance for your edible garden. He will cover perennial vegetables, the unsung heroes that are both productive and low-maintenance; Fruits and berries – how to care for what you have and how to plan for new additions; And, of course, annual vegetables and herbs. John will cover recommended varieties, a schedule for activities, and tips for success.

Starting from Seed

Saturday, March 7th, 11 am – noon
Agnes P. Cwalina of Flowers Sow Urban will help you get your garden going while it’s still chilly outside. Learn when and what to start inside for best results in the growing season. From favorite flowers to kitchen necessities.

Tried and True Pacific Northwest Plants

Saturday, March 28th, 11 am – noon
Come hear veteran gardener, plant enthusiast, and garden coach Susan Papanikolas talk about the special plants that do very well in most gardens in our region. She will show off her favorites and talk about why and how they work so well. From shrubs that need very little attention to perennials that, year after year, do not disappoint. Susan will also give you ideas for mixing and matching these plants based on sun exposure and space.

Tried and True Pacific Northwest Plants

Great Container Design

Saturday, April 18th, 11 am – noon
Learn how to put together a great container with a mix of evergreens and interchangeable supporting plants to create displays that last through the season, but can also be easily refreshed or retooled if your mood changes! Garden Coach, Plant Enthusiast, and Designer Susan Papanikolas will discuss plant combinations and variation as she demonstrates planting up a pot.