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City People’s Garden Store will begin offering workshops when we re-open in February. Topics will range from edible gardening to pruning fruit trees to designing with holiday containers. Workshops are held in the indoor nursery of the Garden Store.

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2017 Line Up

(Please e-mail us if you plan to attend one of our workshops. Workshops in orange are in partnership with City Fruit).

Growing Fruit & Vegetables in Containers

Sunday, April 30th, 11 am – noon
If you want to grow your own food, but have limited space, there are both fruits and vegetables that do well in containers on your balcony, patio, houseboat, or boat! Jacqueline Cramer, a permaculture designer who has worked the land for over twenty years as a farmer, educator, & landscaper, will talk about which edibles do well, how to prepare the soil, and how to grow them organically and productively.

Starting Long-Season Veggies

Saturday, June 3rd, 11 am – noon
Late spring is the perfect time to think about what your garden can feed you in winter … and next spring. With some planning, you can harvest from your garden through the holidays and have a bounty of early-spring vegetables before most gardeners have broken ground. Learn what to plant now and through the summer, and how to fit those crops into the summer garden from Cool Season Gardener and author Bill Thorness.

Drip Irrigation

Saturday, June 10th, 11 am – noon
Bret Kenney of the People’s Gardening Collective (formerly City People’s Landscaping) will shed light on the water and time saving techniques of drip irrigation. He will go over parts and design and explain how to install a system in your own back yard or balcony.

Gardening with Native Plants

Saturday, June 17th, 11 am – noon
Choose native plants for their ease and low maintenance, or create a native landscape for a more natural look and to feed our local birds and insects. Adapted for our environment, native plants can take our soils and environment while offering both color and texture. Richard Greenberg goes over gardening with these tough plants and will give you a list of his favorites performers.

Pests & Thugs in the Edible and Ornamental Garden

Saturday, June 24th, 11 am – noon
Plant pests come in many forms – insect, critter, fungus, bacteria. Hear about common plant problems and how to deal with them in the most natural way possible with Richard Greenberg.