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Free Workshops

City People’s Garden Store has offered free gardening workshops throughout the years on topics ranging from edible gardening to pruning fruit trees to designing with holiday containers.

Our final workshops are listed below. If we find a new location, we will certainly offer them again. Sign up for our e-newsletter in the bright green box to the left for updates about our closing and any progress on finding a new store location.

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If you plan to attend a workshop, let us know. Call the store or e-mail our workshop coordinator with the workshop you plan to attend.

Workshops in orange are in partnership with City Fruit).

Putting the Garden to Bed

Saturday, October 22nd, 11 am – noon
Get your plants ready for winter. Deadheading, pruning, mulching, dividing, and weeding are all fall jobs that will help your garden bounce back next spring. Richard Greenberg teaches this every year to a grateful crowd.

Pruning Rhododendrons

Saturday, October 29th 11 am – noon
The Northwest’s ‘signature plant’ is the rhododendron. It is also one of the
hardest to prune. Find out what can, and can’t be done to fix an unsatisfactory rhododendron situation. We cover deadwooding, maintenance pruning, transplanting, arborizing, radical renovation, and ‘nicking the buds’. Led by Plant Amnesty’s Cass Turnbull, our local pruning celebrity.

Winter Container Gardening for Color

Saturday, November 5th, 11 am – noon
Join us for Richard Greenberg’s final workshop at City People’s Garden Store. He will talk about what makes a successful, cheery winter arrangement and make suggestions about combinations to try.

Espalier Apple and Pear Trees

Sunday, November 13th, 11 am – noon
Learn how to correctly prune and take care of your espaliered fruit trees. Caring for the espaliered fruit tree is critical to health and fruit production. City Fruit co sponsors this popular class.