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Free Workshops

City People’s Garden Store offers free gardening workshops throughout the year, all held in our indoor nursery unless otherwise noted.

Workshop topics range from edible gardening to pruning fruit trees to designing with holiday containers.

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If you have an idea for a future workshop, or a topic you might even want to teach, feel free to contact our workshop coordinator.

2016 Workshops

(Workshops in orange are in partnership with City Fruit).

Winter/Spring Shrub and Tree Pruning

Saturday, February 6th, 11:00 am – noon
Late Winter and early spring are the best times to prune most woody shrubs and trees. Learn basic techniques and tools for making well-paced cuts that will enhance both health and appearance. Landscaper Richard Greenberg will demonstrate on branches and will give you the rundown of what to prune and how.

Wake Up Your Garden

Saturday, February 13th, 11:00 am – noon
Perhaps you put your Garden to Bed with Richard Greenberg last November, or maybe you did nothing at all when the growing season ended. Either way, there is plenty to do to help wake everything up and jump start your gardening. Richard will inspire you to get your garden on the right track with advice on soil preparation, garden planning, and preparation.

Planning Your Edible Garden

Sunday, February 14th, 11:00 am – noon
Get a head start in planning your edible garden with some tools and tips on how to make the most out of your garden space this year. This workshop will cover watering needs, plant spacing and selection, prepping your soil and more. Jaqueline Cramer, co founder of Beacon Food Forest, will share her expertise and be available to answer your questions to help your garden grow.

Using the Garden to Heal

Saturday, February 20th, 11:00 am – noon
Jenny Peterson, author of The Cancer Survivor’s Garden Companion: Cultivating Hope, Healing & Joy in the Ground Beneath You, will talk about ways to use your garden to heal for people who face depression, stress, chronic illness, mobility issues and grief. She will go over design elements for a soothing space as well as plants to include that can be used for a variety of healing purposes, including aromatherapy. Jenny is a cancer survivor herself and comes to us from Austin, Texas. She is also speaking at this year’s Northwest Flower and Garden Show.

Winter Fruit Tree Care: Planting & Pruning

Saturday, February 27th, 10:00 am – noon
City Fruit’s Master Tree Stewards will be on site to help you select a fruit tree to grow. They will also be on hand to advise on planting successfully and pruning and maintaining established trees for best fruit production. Get some advice on the best variety for your space. Fruit trees will be for sale at the Garden Store. Popular fruit tree varieties will go fast! A portion of the proceeds from fruit sales will go to City Fruit.

Bonsai Basics plus Root Pruning & Repotting

Saturday, February 27th, 11:00 am – noon
Our Bonsai Specialist Ann Hobson will give a brief introduction to bonsai styles, plants used, pots, tools, soils and fertilizers, as well as bonsai care including pruning and repotting. Ann will also talk about and demonstrate root pruning of container plants as a means of keeping them healthy. This applies to bonsais as well as Japanese Maples, hardy Fuchsias, scented Geraniums and many more plants typically grown in pots.

Urban Chickens 101

Sunday, February 28th, 11:00 am – noon
We will have two classes on raising chickens in the city this year. This first one will cover the very basics including how to get started, where to find chicks and chickens, what to consider before getting them, and basic set up. Chicken enthusiast Rosalinde Czaja returns to teach this class and Chickens 102 on March 19th.

Indoor Plant Arrangements & Terrariums

Sunday, March 6th, 11:00 am – noon
In this class, floral designer Anna Moore will share her enthusiasm for creating fun indoor displays, including how to create beautiful terrariums, compose interesting succulent arrangements, and display air plants.

Start Edibles Early for Longer Harvests

Saturday, March 12th 11 am – noon
Our mild late winter allows us to sprout the edible garden early. Bill Thorness will go over what can be started now, whether to choose seeds or starts, how to use season extension for better success, and how to plan ahead for longer harvests and more use of the garden throughout the year.


Sunday, March 13th, 11:00 am – noon
Learn the basic concepts of Permaculture from an instructor at the Seattle Farm School. Find out how to employ these time and earth-saving techniques in your own backyard. You’ll also get insight about the Permaculture resources in Seattle.

City Chickens and Urban Farming 102

Saturday, March 19th, 11:00 am – noon
Chicken Enthusiast Rosalinde Czaja returns to talk further about chickens. In this seminar, Rosalinde will go more into depth about types of chickens, coop designs, fighting off predators, and adding other domestic fowl to the mix. If you missed Chickens 101, come to this talk for both basic and more in-depth information on raising chickens in an urban environment.

Drought Tolerant Planting

Saturday, March 19th, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Prepare for another dry hot summer in Seattle. Last year gave us an idea of how our gardens fare (or flag) in dry, hot weather. Be ready for the next dry spell. Learn about plants that can take the heat and less water and about gardening techniques and landscape improvements you can make for easier gardening under these conditions. Landscaper Richard Greenberg will bring a list of his favorite plants and teach you the basics of creating a more drought tolerant garden.

Start an Urban Cutting Garden

Sunday, March 20th, 11:00 am – noon
Have you always wanted a fragrant and colorful garden on your urban lot? Interested in growing enough flowers to bring indoors all season long? Agnes P. Cwalina, owner of hori hori flowers, will speak about plants that work best for the cutting garden as well as plants that offer harvests for a unique table arrangement, all on a city lot!

Soil-Building and Amending for Edibles

Saturday, March 26th 11 am – noon
Building healthy soil is the first step to a productive garden, Bill Thorness will discuss the components of good garden soil and how to enrich it with homemade compost, vermicompost from a worm bin, or commercial amendments and fertilizers. He will also go over what bagged soil and amendments are right for existing raised beds.

Small Space Urban Garden

Saturday, April 2nd, 11 am – noon
Is your “back yard” your balcony or lanai? Are you farming in a 10 x 10 pea patch? Or maybe you have just enough room for pots on your front steps. Landscaper Richard Greenberg can help you plan and plant to make the most of whatever space you have. With careful plant selection, combinations, vertical set up and more, you can grow many things in a small space.

Planting for Pollinators

Sunday, April 11th, 11:00 am – noon
We need to help our pollinators stick around so they can help our fruit trees, flowers, and edibles survive. Pollinators include bees, butterflies, flies, beetles, bats, and birds! City Fruit co sponsors this workshop to teach how to attract pollinators to your garden and help all your plants bloom.

Pest Prevention: OFF SITE

Sunday, May 8th, 11:00 am – noon
This class co sponsored by City Fruit will be at a local site where you can get a hands on look at Fruit Tree pests, what damage they can inflict, and how to control or prevent it. The address will be given out the week before the workshop to the first 25 people who sign up.

Starting Long-Season Veggies

Sunday, June 5th 11 am
Late spring is the perfect time to think about what your garden can feed you in winter … and next spring. With some planning, you can harvest from your garden through the holidays and have a bounty of early-spring vegetables before most gardeners have broken ground. Learn what to plant now and through the summer, and how to fit those crops into the summer garden with Bill Thorness.

Growing Fruit in Containers

Sunday, June 12th, 11:00 am – noon
Growing Fruit in a small space requires some forethought and planning. This workshop, co sponsored by City Fruit, will go over what kind of fruit do well in containers and for how long, and how to get the best fruit production from them.

Urban Composting

Saturday, June 12th 1 pm – 2 pm
This class will teach you how to harness the magical power of your kitchen scraps to create “black gold” for your garden. Urban farmer Rosalind Czaja will cover how to choose and set up a productive compost or worm bin system, taking into account the scale and challenges of the urban environment.