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City People’s Garden Store offers free workshops for the community throughout the year. Topics range from edible gardening to pruning to designing holiday containers. Workshops are held in the Garden Store.

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2018 Line Up

We had our last class in 2017 but are already planning a full season of classes in 2018. (Please e-mail us if you plan to attend one of our workshops. Dates below may change.

Delicious RainGarden Plants

Saturday, January 27th, 11 am – noon
Learn From Edible Rain Garden Pioneer Jake Harris about how to incorporate delicious and Beautiful plants into Green Stormwater infrastructure at your home or community space. Our Plant Pallet focuses on how to fulfill our clients’ needs with Edible, Native and Wildlife Habitat plants. We will talk through our favorites in those categories and provide space for questions about how best to work Rain Gardens into your plan. This is a great class for Homeowners, Contractors and Designers who are looking to expand their pallet. Jake Harris founded Stone Soup Gardens and has been installing Rain Gardens and Cisterns with Seattles Rainwise Programs since the program began in 2010. He is excited to share this class with the City People’s Community.

Title: Early Pollinators: Mason Bees

Saturday, February 3rd, 11 am – noon
Learn how important these gentle, highly efficient bees are to our ecosystem and how you can help protect our native pollinators by having them in your own back yard. Olivia Shangrow is a biologist for Rent Mason Bees, a Washington based company that rents bees and bee houses to backyard gardeners and orchardists. You’ll learn about the bees and have the opportunity to rent pollination kits which allow you to have them without having to hassle of cleaning and taking care of them the rest of the year.

Rose Care: Act Now for Summer Sensation

Saturday February 24th, 11 am – noon
If you give your roses some care this time of year, you will be greatly rewarded with lots of blooms throughout the summer. Jose Gonzales, co-owner of City People’s Garden Store, gets pretty jazzed about roses and how a little care can go a long, long way. Learn about both pruning, feeding, and caring for both new and established roses.