Welcome to City People’s Garden Store

Closed January. Re-opening in February.

Locally owned and operated since 1988, City People’s Garden Store has had plants and garden supplies for every season, a gift shop full of fun items, and a knowledgeable staff who are eager to help with your plant questions.

The Garden Store was scheduled to be torn down in early 2017 to make way for a large development. With this in mind, we sold nearly all the merchandise to clear the store out. But there has been a last minute change of plans, and the store will re-open in February for 11 more months.

So please excuse this interruption of service. We will soon have plants again and fun, whimsical and practical gifts for everyone, and fresh houseplants to green up any dwelling, but we will need the month of January to fill it up! Read more

Meet New Owners Alison Greene and Jose Gonzales

Longtime employees Alison and Jose are the new owners of City People’s Garden Store. Jose has been working at the Garden Store since 1998 as the Annuals Buyer, and Alison started in 2003 becoming a Manager and the Tree & Shrub Buyer. The two worked closely with former owners Steve Magley and Dianne Casper to move the business forward.

They are thrilled to have this opportunity to keep this Seattle institution alive and attribute much of their success so far to the community support they received this year. They are committed to carrying the store’s core beliefs forward, and noted, “We care very deeply about how we operate: natural and organic, an emphasis on nurturing and growing, open communication and respect, and a true joy of plants …”